The player is scored based on how many people enter the Big Top each round. Each round consists of the player placing obstacles with the money they earn and having one wave of visitors move through the map. They receive points as long as they don't go under the minimum and over the maximum amount of people. Points earned in each round are used in the next round to buy obstacles that they can place along the path.

Replaying A Level Edit

If the player does not allow visitors within the minimum and maximum they will redo the level. The map is cleared of obstacles and the player is refunded all of their money to place obstacles again. The player will replay each map until they meet the required range of visitors.


Each person that enters the Big Top earns the player ten points/coins. To complete the level, the player does not have to fill the Big Top. They simply just need to get an audience, which could be one person. However, they will want to get as many people into the show as possible to earn more points for obstacles on the next level.

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