Overview Edit

Ring Master is a basic tower defense game except the objective is to let a certain amount of people through. The player wants to let a certain amount of people into the Big Top, which is displayed on each level, so there is an audience for the show. As long as the player does not let in more people than the goal they are given points for each person that enters the Big Top.

Setting Up the Level Edit

Players start each round by spending the points they have on obstacles of their choice. Each obstacle has different costs, size and effectiveness so it is up to the player to choose how they handle each level. The player clicks on an obstacle to buy and then clicks on the grid to place the obstacle. There is an endless amount of possibilities, so the player must find the way that works best for them.

Gameplay Edit

When the player is done placing objects they hit the GO button and people begin to pour into the level and move towards the Big Top. This continues until all people have entered the tent or are distracted by obstacles. The player is rewarded points and given the choices of moving on to the next level, replaying the level again to earn more points, or quitting the game.

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