Overview Edit

There will be multiple levels in Ring Master. Each level will look very similar at the start of each round until the player places their obstacles. The basic layout of the levels will be a grid system which allows the player to place the obstacles on whichever square(s) they choose. The visitors will spawn on the bottom of the level and move towards the Big Tent at the top of the level.

Obstacles Edit

The player will be able to place each obstacle they purchase on the grid. They may place the objects wherever they choose as long as there are no other obstacles intersecting and there are enough squares to fit the obstacle. Obstacles will take up differing amounts of squares and as such will require strategy when placing them.

Big Tent Edit

The Big Tent is the goal of the game. Players must send the correct amount of visitors to the Big Tent to win the level and progress further into the game. The Big Tent is place above the grid and will be approximately 4 squares wide making a large target for visitors. Players will need to make sure they account for the large size of the goal when placing obstacles.

Difficulty SettingsEdit

There will be three different difficulty settings for the levels to appear on. These settings will be easy, medium, and hard. Each mode will consist of a certain number of levels, or waves, that the player must complete to win.

Easy Mode = 30 levels

Medium Mode = 50 levels

Hard Mode = 75 levels

In each mode there will be an increase in speed and resistance that the crowd will adjust to. With each level of a mode there will be an increase in either speed or resistance. An example of easy mode can be found below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 6.27.46 PM
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